Caring for your PARCTA Products

Materials and Care Guide.

Welcome to PARCTA's Materials and Care Guide, where we ensure that your products not only reflect our brand's commitment to quality but also empower you to maintain them for lasting enjoyment.


  • Wood: Timber is a living and natural material and, therefore, should always be cleaned as gently as possible. Regular cleaning with a dry cloth ensures that the timber always looks nice and patinas beautifully.


  • Raw Aluminium:Over time the raw aluminium finish will patina, age and become slightly darker. The hand finish nature of this object means the surface finish will vary and have its own unique inconsistencies. 
  • Raw aluminium items exposed to water (liquids) should then be washed or rinsed after use and then thoroughly dried. 
  • Removing excess candle wax by running hot water over any affected surfaces. Wipe off remaining wax with polishing cloth and dry. 
  • Anodised Aluminium: Anodised aluminium creates a surface that is three times harder than standard aluminium, and will not chip, flake, or peel. The anodisation process will also ensure your objects don’t rust, patina or weather.
  • To clean, wipe thoroughly with warm soapy cloth and dry immediately after with dry cloth.

Kohzo Rice Paper

  • Rice Paper: Avoid liquid cleaners. We suggest using a microfiber cloth or a dry paintbrush to remove dust. Any dry dusting tool can be used as long as it is not rough/textured.

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